Aptitude does matter

There have been times in our childhood when there would be no electricity and we would have a important assignment or a show and tell coming up the next day. And no matter what the difficulties we never had the courage to not do the homework and turn up at school. Then why do we over the years become so careless with our work and lackadaisical about our aptitude?

Work priorities can change:

I will agree to the point that as we grow up and step into adulthood, a lot of our time and energy is taken up by our quest for making a decent livelihood and also for providing the best that we can afford to our dependents. But our creativity also simultaneously starts taking a back seat and slowly but surely dies a slow ruthless kind of death.

Give yourself time:

It makes a big difference to you and your life if you pursue something creative on the side. The thing is that the ability of that creativity to make a lasting impression in your life is so lost in your rat race that you rather have it take the back seat than take a little effort to pursue it and nourish it!