Think why you started

Your creativity is your gift. And to say that it is a unique representation of you will not be an over exaggeration.  Say for example, you have a passion for storytelling and you have been doing it subconsciously without giving it a random second thought.

So, while kids and adults alike in your acquaintance circle have enjoyed your art, you would have never thought that you can tell those stories only like you can. And no one else can. This is also because your way of seeing things and perceiving them is unique to you and no one else can see the same things and think about them in the same way as you. This is precisely why people enjoy the experience when you say a story in your own words and your own unique style!

When in doubt, introspect:

If you are still in a conundrum and wondering what your passion actually lies in there is a simple way to decipher that. Naah, it won’t take any money nor too much of your time!

Close your eyes and think what is it that makes you very happy when you think of doing it. for me, it was crocheting that struck me first when I closed my eyes. It is strange because this was something that I never had any basic training in or the inclination for. The moment I closed my eyes to think about what kind of creative person I actually am, the happy faces of my mother and grand-mum flashed before my eyes. They had the sparkle in their eyes and the crochet needle in their hands weaving away yarns of threads in all shades of the rainbow!

I knew that it was!

I needed no further convincing. Somewhere deep inside I had associated the art of being able to crochet as my unique creativity and it is possible that since I never thought about it ever until that lucky day, it never struck me that my interest and my happiness and my creativity indeed lied in the art that was so patronized by all my near and dear maternal relatives.

I logged on to the internet and started hunting for someone to teach me to handle and the needle and thread. And believe you me there has never been a dull moment after that. I have made so many masterpieces in crochet designs that today I run a facebook page that is hugely popular with ten thousand followers and we also do a lot of fund raising and charity garage sales and not to forget even break even what we put in as our investment.

So you see, it is never difficult to find a creative path in your life. Just think of what you are made of and you will be on the sure way to happiness. Happy discovering!